Motorola Dinara to be Verizon’s Next Big Android?

The rumor mill has started to spin again this week, this time giving us a glimpse towards the specifications of a new Motorola phone for Verizon. The device, known internally as the Dinara,  will supposedly run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, pack 1GB of RAM, and be powered by a TI processor (the processor of choice for Motorola Android phones). Other specs include a 13-megapixel camera coupled with a VGA (640×480) front facing camera, and a slim design that will resemble the Motorola Bionic.

The phone packs a surprise (however in many Android lovers eyes, the first con on this otherwise remarkable phone) which is the fact that it will have a non-removable battery. If it hurts your eyes to not see the contraption powering your device, then you should shift your glaze to the Dinara’s HD screen, which is slightly bigger than the Bionic’s. That means a resolution potentially 720p or higher!

While this is still a rumor, the Dinara looks to be heading towards Verizon this winter.


Source: DroidLife

  • Niraj Yadav

    Locked bootloaders.  MOTO Blah.  And now a non removable battery.

    I swear, if I didn’t know better, that Motorola is *intentionally* TRYING to piss me off….

  • mathelli

    I love it, very cool! 😀

  • c00ller

    Sounds good except for the fact that it’s made by Motofail

  • Elvis

    Yeah, see how it goes with bootloader/release date… i’m looking at the gs2 right now… the bionic kinda put me off……. BUT 4g is kinda a big thing for me :/ NOT as big as a locked down bootloader though hahaha…. NOT THIS TIME MOTO!!!

  • Cool thing! thanks for sharing.

  • Cool thing! thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Im getting the bionic no doubt…

  • Anonymous

    Im getting the bionic no doubt…

  • Almahix

    Non-removable battery? Never.