September 23, 2014

HTC EVO 3D Official Accessories leaked

A few weeks ago, Sprint officially launched their new flagship device,the HTC EVO 3D. Well, if you recently bought an EVO 3D and you are looking forward to getting some original accessories, Sprint Feed leaked a screenshot, telling us that Sprint is getting ready to launch three new accessories for the EVO 3D. As you can see in the image above, Sprint will launch a video dock, a phone cover and a holster and shield combo. You will be able to get the phone cover for $24.99 from Sprint on July 27, but you have to wait a little for other two accessories.

The video dock will go for $49.99 and it will hit stores on August 21st. While docked, you can watch movies, listen to music, or even view slideshows of your 3D photos, all while charging the device. As for the holster and shield combo, it will cost you $24.99 and will also hit store on August 21st.

So, are any Evo 3D owners planning to get any of these accessories? That video dock sounds pretty nice to us. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Wall!

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