MyTouch 4G Gingerbread Update Has Started

If you have been waiting for the MyTouch 4G Gingerbread update, wait not more as the update started rolling out yesterday (July 20th). T-Mobile has stated that the update will roll out over the next few weeks, so be a bit  patient if you haven’t received the notification just yet.

Also included in the update, T-Mobile has added the latest version of Swype, 2010 Exchange Support, fixed Bluetooth issues, more responsive display, fixed roaming issues, and added other minimal software enhancements. 

Source: Android Central

  • David Kress

    Which version is it?  Is it 2.3.3 or 2.3.4?

    • Kareem810

      Its prob 2.3.3

      • David Kress

        I really hope not for the amount of time we have had to wait!  Come on 2.3.4!!

        • Mieriwi

          According to this,, it is (unfortunately) 2.3.3

          • Bratdog

            Mine says 2.3.4. I have it overclocked and its running smooth as silk

  • Blake B.

    Finally!  Now when does the MyTouch 4G get Netflix?  Soon please!

    • David Kress

      Well put Blake!   It’s sad when we can have hulu plus but no netflix.

      • Eldking

        Actually im running Netflix on my mytouch 4g right now…

        • David Kress

          rooted or unrooted…I have netflix on my phone too but can’t get the video to play…

    • Cbrown97

      Netflix now works on me and my wife’s My Touch 4G I downloaded it yesterday. I’m running   2.3 and she’s running 2.2 mo root.

  • I hope this update doesn’t screw up and slow down my 4G like when they updated the 3G handset.

  • mowfaux

    If my phone is rooted, will I still get the update?

  • Noah S.

    how do you even check for updates?