Get Your Own Yellow Jersey with Official Tour de France 2011 Game

Extra Live announced today that the official Tour de France 2011 game has arrived (last week) on Android, just in time for the final stages of its real world counterpart.  Players choose their own team of riders and manage them over the 21 stage race, using real-life cycling tactics and stages that mimic the actual course.  Riders come with full-on characteristics (height, weight, age) and are paired with profiles that include climber, sprinter, and more.  So download the game and put together the best team.  Be sure to balance endurance with speed and power or we’ll blow right past you.

The game runs approximately $3.38 US and can be installed on any device running 1.5 or higher.  Hit the links below for quick downloads.



  • Anonymous

    I know your article says it’s $3.38, but the box with the link to the Android Market says it’s FREE.  That box is wrong, the article is correct, it’s $3.38.  Why is that box wrong?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve noticed that in a few of the articles. I know the Android Market has been going through some changes, and maybe that has broken their script that scrapes that information. That’s why it’s important to read the article… as you did.