20th Century Fox set to Bring Digital Copies to Android

I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve purchased touting “Digital Copy,” only to get it home and realize it doesn’t work with Android. The reasoning behind Android’s omission in the digital movie realm can be speculated and theorized till DRM death but as an Android user and movie consumer I have found this exclusion ridiculous and borderline illegal. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Android users are more likely to actually want to enjoy the media they pay for in a manner that best fits them, not big brother. It seems I’m not alone and apparently 20th Century Fox has seen the light (or Android’s activation numbers).

“Given its strong growth as a mobile operating system, the support for Android is an important move for us because it further enhances Blu-ray discs as the best way to get your movies to all your screens,” said Vincent Marcais, senior vice-president for marketing at Twentieth Century Fox International Home Entertainment.

20th Century Fox will be implementing an Android compatible digital copy download system starting this Fall and will be first featured in purchases of X-Men: First Class. I say “It’s about time” and I can’t wait to finally be able to watch the content I paid for on the devices I paid for. In the end it’s really my kids that will be taking advantage of this but I’d be more apt to purchase a movie that includes a compatible digital copy vs one that does not.

Kudos to you 20th Century Fox and let’s hope the others soon follow.

Source: Financial Times via Phandroid

  • is it real?
    that’s cool

  • Ianmccully

    excellent everyone will probably follow suit as if they don’t then people will only buy fox as you get more for your money now 

  • kurkosdr

    “Kudos to you 20th Century Fox and let’s hope the others soon follow.”

    Yeah kudos to them for disallowing us from our legal right to make personal copies and format shift our purchased copies into whatever format we like (divx avi, mkv etc), and instead giving us a digital copy that plays on a limited range of devices.

    This is our problem as consumers. If we get butt raped and have our legal rights stomped by companies, and then some company comes and butt rapes us and stomps on our legal rights just a liitle less, we hail them as the king.

    Just use AnyDVD HD (paid) or DVDFab HD Decrypter (freeware) to get rid of Bluray’s protections. Oh, and everytime I personally come across a DRM’ed rental Bluray or DVD (which is most of the times), I immediately make a copy, just because I can.

  • kurkosdr

    Also, the article doesn’t clarify if it’s coming to all Android devices, or to a limited number of devices that have being crapped up with DRM (see Netflix). I predict it will be the latter.

    Thankfully, aBTC (a neat torrent client for android) runs on all Android phones. With so many non authorized options available, it’s the studios who should beg us to buy or rent their movies, not we who should beg the studios to buy or rent their movies.

  • Peter Pottinger

    ARe u joking? This is what Torrents and handbrake are for, and please don’t give me any righteous, “buy it” straw men arguments, I own the movie, I own the device, it’s completely moral.