[Developers] Android Market Adds Multiple APK Support

A bit of good news for developers struggling with the whole Android “fragmentation” issue. Changes to the Android Market’s Developer Console now allows for the upload and managing of multiple APKs. This change will now allow developers to have multiple APKs under one app listing. This keeps the app listing as one simple universal product while adding better support for the multitude of variants that come with Android. Developers will now be able to upload individual APKs to handle specific subsets such as tablets, different Android platform versions, screen sizes, or GL texture-compression formats.

On the user side, there’s no distinguishable difference. When viewing an app in the Market, users will see the same product description, screenshots, videos, comments, etc… regardless of device. This makes for less confusion while giving developers better control of their app’s assets. Developers can also find comfort in knowing that the Android Market will aggregate the app’s download statistics, reviews, and billing data across all of the APKs.

As Android developers and consumers continue to look for better solutions to what is perceived as Android’s biggest drawback, it’s nice to see Google keeping with their promise to help.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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