Android 2.3.5 for Nexus S 4G Brings Improved 4G Speeds


Is your Nexus S 4G receiving slower-than-usual 4G speeds? Sprint aims to fix that today, as they release Android 2.3.5 for the device. The OTA update also fixes some minor WiFi bugs, adds a 4G toggle widget, and oficially enables NFC. Hopefully this update will boost Nexus S 4G sales as well. Now, the real question here is “Are there actual improvements in 4G speeds?” Engadget says yes, as they have provided us with some screenshots showing 4G speeds on an updated Nexus S 4G (the speeds on the left are the updated device, and those on the right are from a 2.3.4 Nexus S 4G).

So, who’s excited for some faster 4G on their Nexus S? Leave a comment below!

Source Android Police


  1. I’ve been waiting to use the phrase “it just works”  for this phone.  looking forward to the update. (impatiently waiting)

  2. Hey magliotti , what exactly areu giving us and were did u get it from. Also its not letting me download. Keeps saying unsuccessful

  3. No 4g settings widget!!!!!!! Why oh why no 4g settings widget!!!!! Please let this horrible nightmare end now!!!!

  4. Not seeing a 4g widget either. I have yet to try downloading anything, but I haven’t been able to except for from the market. I like this phone,but some things need improvement.

  5. Hy Guys!
    I met with the following sreen after i started to install the GRJ90. failed to verify whole-update signature…signature verification failed…What does it mean? Could anyone help me, pls?