Android 3.2 to Bring Official Netflix Support to ASUS Transformer?


Netflix has been both a blessing and a curse since the release of the Android app. It originally only worked on a handful of devices, until someone discovered that by simply installing the apk, it was very functional on many Android tablets. Sadly, the unrooted Transformer owners were left in the dark, as the app isn’t yet compatible with the tablet. That may change when the Transformer gets some Android 3.2 love, as Droid-Life is reporting. Now, this is only a rumor, but the image below comes from the Asus Transformer spec page, and the “Special Apps” more or less speak for themselves.

We haven’t heard anything from Asus as far as a timeframe for the update goes, but it is listed as “coming soon”, so we’re betting that Transformer users will have their precious Netflix support within the coming months. With that being said, how many Transformer owners do we have out there? Are you excited to be getting Android 3.2 soon? Drop a comment below!


  1. I am actually excited about getting netlix on the Transformer.  I was actually surprised that the .apk wasn’t Transformer ready from the beginning.  As much as this is good news, it’s a damn shame that we’re still left to play the waiting game.

  2. First Netflix ‘improved’ their interface.  Now they’ve raised there rates.   Now, finally an android app, meh.   I guess better late than never. 

  3. Have a 32GB TF101 and I can’t wait for the 3.2 update. As far as Netflix goes, I can take it or leave it.. It would be nice though to watch movies on my Transformer as the screen is generous in size.

  4. Netflix shmetflix. Finding anything available for streaming that I’d like to watch became so impossible I finally cancelled it. Everything I liked was DVD only. It seems their agreements with the media conglomerates are breaking down or something.