AT&T Rolling Out Android 2.3.4 for Atrix 4G

If you own a Motorola Atrix 4G, and have been itching for some Gingerbread love, then wait no more, as the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update is available now! Of course, there’s more than just 2.3.4 in this update. The update includes

  • Faster and smoother performance
  • New MotoBlur (similar to the Droid3’s)
  • Side-loading of applications (third-party apps)

These updates (especially the new MotoBlur) will hopefully make your phone feel like new again. Most Atrix users also have the companion accessory, the LapDock. Don’t worry, Motorola didn’t forget about that either. The Android 2.3.4 upgrade also offers faster browsing, new applications for the gallery and music, and full 1080p output. On a personal note, Motorola offering the new “Blur” is a major upgrade (coming from a Droid 3 user).

So, if you have not received the update, you can try to receive it manually by checking for software updates under About Phone in your Atrix 4G’s settings. If it doesn’t appear right away, just be patient, as it usually takes some time for the rollout to reach every device. If you have received the update, what are your thoughts? Enjoying the new Blur? Sound off in the comments below!

Source Android Police

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  1. Rhodes F
    July 25, 16:04 Reply

    Ok, nice job but what about the Atrix users in Europe (the UK specifically), when do we expect the update considering Motorola promised a ‘simultaneous’ US and European update pushout???

    Im on T-Mobile but they haven’t even acknowledged the Gingerbread availability.

  2. Pristinecrystalmog
    July 25, 17:42 Reply

    Posting this from my updated Atrix. I like the many subtle changes and additions and it’s running well on my phone so far :D.

  3. Jeff
    July 25, 18:36 Reply

    Got the update. I like the new interface and speed, but I find that some of the apps are… strange now. Namely the Gallery and Music default apps. They don’t perform the way I want them to any more. This can easily be fixed with another market app, but it kindof makes me sad.

  4. Brandon
    July 26, 03:25 Reply

    Battery Life seems to be better and I like the new features on the included kepboard

  5. Chansebatchelor
    July 26, 16:55 Reply

    I’m in love with my ATRIX again. It was definitely starting to get bogged down with 2.2 but now it’s running MUCH smoother.
    It also seems that data speeds arr much faster.
    I’m noticing a huge differece in battery life which is welcomed because that was my biggest complaint before.
    I love the new blur. Especially the new Apps that are almost in a 3Dbit type

  6. Dede
    July 27, 21:40 Reply

    Battery life is definitely better!

    • yeah...
      September 20, 10:22 Reply

      i found the exact opposite, i used to get two to 3 days out of one charge with nominal useage other than just a phone…now, i am lucky to get a full day out of it, it seems like the second it connects to the web, half of my remaining battery power is just gone. I’d like to revert back to the last version…if it were possible.

  7. Fuckyou
    August 15, 22:02 Reply

    Can’t make phone calls anymore since the upgrade…. anyone else having network problems?

  8. Johnleydecker
    August 22, 04:14 Reply

    i am having major problems w/ camera and gallery after update. i love the new look and features, but it seems like the old days when the latest software would overwhelm your pc…

  9. missledz
    October 23, 01:19 Reply

    I had to factory reset my phone because after the update I had no internet connection
    First tried sending WAP settings again and that didn’t work so just had to wipe everything:( I like some things about the update, but the quick reply to messages is hard to use because the keyboard is in the way of the send button:/ some things didn’t need to be changed.

  10. Samj Staz
    May 18, 00:06 Reply

    Having major freezing issues with update, often during phonecalls. At best can press power button and then unlock again, then call person back. At worst the battery needs to be taken out before it will come back to life. Many of the freezes also occur when switching to left or right of home screen. This phone is used as a phone/texting predominantly, there are usually no other apps etc running when this happens.

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