Sidekick 4G Gets Software Update, Not Gingerbread

We’re just full of update news today, aren’t we? This one is for Sidekick 4G owners, as a software update is available for the device. Before you ask, no, this isn’t Gingerbread. It’s a maintenance update, including bug fixes and enhancements based on feedback reported by customers. It’s supposed to improve overall performance, as well as speed and general usability, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. T-Mobile started rolling out the update last week, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, it’s only a matter of time.

So, who hasn’t gotten the software update yet? If you have, then tell us what you think. Do you notice any improvements? Sound off in the comments below!

Source TmoNews

  • Anthony E

    Ive noticed some improvements on the track pad not too much on the speed or the messeging.

  • I think it is so good and it’s supposed to improve overall performance, as well as speed and general usability.

  • Thanks for the article. Very interesting

  • Allan

    All the update has done is freeze my phone almost every single time I unlock it and close apps while I’m trying to use them. Another update needs to come out to fix the problems that weren’t here before the update.

    • Emanuelieta

      that is EXACTLY what is happening to me…. its driving me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Cb

    The update just freezes my phone and delays messaging from coming up. Also many apps force quit… Awful update!

  • Addison

    Idk what people be trippin so hard about. This update has made my phone much more stable. Before the update it use to freeze up and lag all the time (partly due to the massive load of apps and widgets I use), but since the update I have haven’t had any of the usual problems with it. Nice going T-mobile!! This is like my Sidekick should have been running when I pulled her out of the box.

    • Alex

      where do you get the update from??
      I want to update my phone.

  • Spencer

    How do u turn off 4G ever since I updated the mobile connection is gone

  • Pira

    My phone used to freeze lag and force close things but after the update everythings smoother and more usable…but one thing I don’t like about the update is that it takes away the ability to turn of f the 4g with the power button…now I don’t know how to turn it off now 🙁

  • Akl0

    This is a crappy so-called update. I get force quit and freezes on about everything I do on my SK. my SK work perfectly fine before the update, there needs to be a fix for this so-called fix.

  • Nick

    Ah, damn update messed up my sidekick

  • My cell phone freezes and shuts off I hate this cell phone its suppose to be 4g fast but its slower than my 3g!!! SUCKS!

  • Jrsilvestre12

    Update it again, please it still has BIG problems .

  • Fr

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Mondo

    Download Link?