T-Mobile G2 Gets Official Gingerbread, Unofficially

We’ve been waiting on this for quite some time now, but it looks like HTC and T-Mobile finally have that Gingerbread update ready for the G2. Of course, it’s about four months too late, as there have been dozens of custom 2.3 ROMs available for the device for awhile. Now before you go jumping for joy, the update isn’t being pushed out just yet. I suspect Magenta is working out the kinks as far as the OTA package goes, so it could be a few weeks before non-rooted users see that update notification.

But if you’re that eager for some official Gingerbread, you can head over to the T-Mobile Forums and apply the update manually. The process is as simple as downloading the file and flashing it via the bootloader, so it’s not exactly rocket science. There are a few bugs with the update, namely:

  • There is no 3-button reset for the device.
  • A few users have reported issues with the physical keyboard’s backlight.
  • Once updated, the user cannot root the device, and there is no way (that we know of) to downgrade to Froyo. Basically, once you’ve flashed it, you’re stuck there until someone manages to root the update.

There are also pages upon pages in the thread of users reporting phone crashes, loss of data, and even syncing issues. This is the part where I stress that you’d be flashing this at your own risk. To be painfully honest, it would be better safer to wait until T-Mobile officially releases the OTA. Surely, some ingenious developer will crack this update and get it rooted in a jiffy, so it’s only a matter of time. As for the bugs, T-Mo and HTC are likely working on a fix, thus the reason they haven’t released it as of yet. More on this as it develops.

So, anyone feeling adventurous enough to flash the update? Or are you sticking with CyanogenMod 7 for the time being? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Tenkely
    July 25, 17:22 Reply

    I flashed this on my wife’s G2… other than it wiping the device it has been very stable with notable improvements in battery life.

  2. Sergio
    July 25, 18:13 Reply

    Flashed mine a month ago, backlight issue is a minor factor for me, loving the battery life I now get.

  3. Jon Langevin
    July 27, 02:18 Reply

    2 months too late on this “news”?  Love how these sites re-share the same ol’ info over and over, months later, as if it’s new…

  4. Devin5383
    July 27, 23:59 Reply

    Got an OTA gingerbread update last night…Running stock 2.3….anyone else

  5. Cashe
    September 04, 12:59 Reply

    I received the OTA update. Running 2.3.3 I’m not mega happy, the nav crashes my phone whine in 5 min of nav running. The phone reboots. I use the nav like crazy. This is a problem

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