Android Market Now Charts App Install Trends


The Android team has gone and added yet another new feature to the Android Market,  giving users a quick glimpse at an app’s recent popularity.  While it may not necessarily provide a ton of information, it does give insight into how installations have gone over the previous 30 day period.  Is this app getting more popular with time or has it leveled off over the last few days?  Not a huge new feature, no, but it’s still a welcome addition to an increasingly awesome web-based experience.

Take a look at the chart for Angry Birds Rio and see if you can guess where/when Rovio released new levels.

Respect knuckles to Android Police for the find.


  1. This would be good except for the fact that the Market is currently returning search results in a bizarre order (often rubbish apps are appearing at the top of the rankings, and the best apps way down the list). This, of course, heavily influences download count (and, in turn, install count), and so might result in a downward-trending graph which would then exacerbate the problem 🙁

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