First Images of AT&T Attain Leak Online

The first few images of the upcoming AT&T Attain have landed online and they look very familiar.  According to Boy Genius Report, the phone we’re looking at is in fact the carrier’s version of the Galaxy S II and carries the model number of SGH-I927.  The pictures confirm Android 2.3.4 and indicate that the device should blow through benchmark tests without breaking a sweat.  Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on an official announcement with price and availability.  Last we’d heard, this guy will be arriving in August.

How does a high-end sliding QWERTY sound to you AT&T subscribers?

Head to BGR to see an additional pair of images showing how the Attain does on benchmark tests.





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  1. Marco Ruiz
    July 26, 14:52 Reply

    I’d rather have a touchscreen only to be honest… I liked the captivate for that reason. 

  2. Faldur0
    July 26, 16:25 Reply

    Qwerty is a deal breaker, was waiting for this phone. But I’ll pass and see how the iphone5 looks. For goodness sakes all I wanted was a fricking Glaxay S II just like Europe got. Sigh..

  3. GiqueGuy
    July 26, 16:42 Reply

    I think the slider is a good move for many biz users who don’t want to fight a gui keyboard on longer documents.

  4. Nochance
    July 26, 17:04 Reply

    The Attain is a slider? Screw that. I thought we were getting a proper Galaxy S II.

  5. Burnstone101
    July 26, 17:33 Reply

    They took a beautiful phone and turned it into a monster. I mean really, this thing is so ugly! I’m glad I got the SGSII from Expansys back in May.

  6. Tejksed2001
    August 06, 07:45 Reply

    how come they can make it s regular galaxy s2 they to f#@k it up with the sliding keyboard.

  7. B A
    August 12, 20:21 Reply

    yep….i was psyched for this phone but if it has it is a slider then i will be passing it up.

  8. B A
    August 12, 20:22 Reply

    the slider will
    1.  make it less durable
    2.  make it bulkier.


  9. Jack Spam
    August 22, 02:39 Reply

    Thankfully I went ahead and bought an international  SGS II ……….. 

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