Sprint Killing Off Several Android Devices in the Coming Months

Thanks to SprintFeed, we got a look at the devices that Sprint will be killing off. As you know, new phones come out every month, so obviously Sprint can’t hold onto all of them. Looking at the list above, some Android devices that specifically stand out are:

  • HTC EVO 4G (White) — September
  • HTC EVO 4G (Black) — October
  • Samsung Transformer — October
  • Samsung Epic 4G — October

If you have one of these devices and are worrying about your insurance, don’t be. If your phone breaks, and you have insurance, Sprint will find the best phone to replace yours if your specific device is not in stock. The good news is, most of the time you will actually receive the 2nd generation of your phone (i.e. you have an EVO 4G, they might replace it with an EVO 3D), although there is nothing that guarantees this will happen, so don’t go breaking your phone on purpose. Although we’re sad to see these devices go, time moves on nevertheless.

So, is it just me, or did these phone have a long life on Sprint compared to other devices like the G2 on T-Mobile? Leave your comments below!

  • What is the next HTC Sprint phone coming out next? The EVO 3D just didn’t sell me. I’m open for upgrade and rather would get the EVO4g not the 3D but this changes my mind a little bit now.

    • Ryan

      Get the 3D.  It’s faster in every way, qHD, etc.  You don’t have to use 3D.

      • Rune

        The SGS2 (Sprint Within) just passed the FCC… that might be out in a month (or more)…  but it is using a tegra 2 dual core… which is getting spanked by the Evo 3D.  Just get the 3D and leave the camera switch set to 2D.  Thats the only place you would notice the 3D anyway.

  • Tuttle Thom

    The EVO 4G was one of the best phones I’d ever had, when it comes to android. Now I have 3d!

  • “Samsung Transform”


  • I upgraded to the 3D. I mainly did it for the processor thinking that the 3D wasnt going to be all that, but surprisingly it’s pretty awesome. Wish they had kept the 8mp camera though. Wondering why the EVO 4G is on the list though. Does it have something to do with their future network plans? Other than the 3D the Evo is their best phone. They must be planning on launching some new phones, They better!

  • Fernando Dunn

    How in the HELL is the Hero still not EOL while on Verizon the Droid Eris was EOL shortly after coming out? Not to mention Sprint’s highest selling phone is EOL in months, but it’s first (outdated) Android phone is still ticking.

  • HTC Lover

    I’d like to have a faster evo 4G…  which would be the Evo 3D… BUT,  I’m taking AMAZING pictures with the EVO 4G (8 megapix) and the 3D is a more than adequate 5 mpxl.  Anyone have experience taking pictures with the 3D?