Toshiba Thrive Gets Root, SuperUser, and ClockworkMod

The dev team for the Toshiba Thrive has obtained a stable root, super user permissions, and ClockworkMod recovery. Apparently the root is still under testing, and there is no guarantee it will work, so it may take some time to get out all the kinks. A word from one of the devs behind this root:

Mine is the second fully working Thrive with Superuser access, Dalepl was first, and austeregrim bricked his to get shell root so we could get the system dump. NatolX bricked his to prove they have an unlocked bootloader.

Now, if you’ve got a hankering to root your Thrive, you can give it a shot by following these instructions. As always, you’re rooting at your own risk.

So, is anyone going to give it a shot? Leave your comments below!

Source Android Police

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    • Anonymous
      July 28, 13:31 Reply

      To remove/disable the bloatware Toshiba put on this otherwise fantastic device. I don’t want Kapersky, or the game demos they put on it, along with the registration app you don’t need once you’ve registered the darn thing. Once you do this, then Toshiba’s marketing promise of “the most customizable” tablet is actually true.

    • Jpotter
      July 28, 17:14 Reply

      Is there any way to backup installed apps and data without rooting? I have Titanium backup but it requires a rooted system.

      • Tim
        September 09, 15:14 Reply

        By installed apps I assume you mean apps you installed from marketplace?  I don’t see any reason to do this since marketplace keeps track of apps you paid, and the others are free.  I guess updating an app only to find out it force closes every time would suck, but thats why you dont auto update.  Be patient and update a week or two later if no one else has problems. As far as app data you can use Backup Master (free) from marketplace, but few people had some issues with restoring.  Not sure what was up since I wasnt using that app. I myself just root my android devices and jail-break my apple devices after I’ve done some reading and feel comfortable it’s going to go smooth.  BTW When your rooted, Titanium Backup PRO is hands down one of the best apps I’ve ever paid for.  Backing up to drop-box, freezing apps, moving from sdcard to internal and vice-versa etc etc…  Its a must have!  Good luck!

    • Dacouponmom
      August 02, 07:11 Reply

      Also, if you want to use adhoc from your phone (especially if it doesn’t support infrastructure like mine) rooting seems to be the only way to do that.

  1. Commdude
    September 05, 18:17 Reply

    Netflix works on a rooted Thrive. 

  2. Joel Frese
    November 18, 18:39 Reply

    Has anybody gotten Ubuntu to work on Thrive?

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