ASUS Transformer 3.2 Update Rolling Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, ASUS Transformer users will be able to update to Android 3.2. The image above is obviously a tweet from the official ASUS Twitter account, and it’s boasting some “much needed” features. The update includes:

  • SD Card Support
  • Proper Application Scaling
  • Optimization for more Tablet Sizes
No word on whether or not the update includes Netflix support, as reported last week, but we suppose there’s only one way to find out.
So, if you are a Transformer user, are you excited to finally see some Android 3.2 love? Leave a comment below!
Source Droid-Life
  • Josh

    Transformer has supported SD card since it was released… I believe that particular bullet point is specific to 3.2 for the Xoom

  • HR

    I received the 3.2 upgrade yesterday and I’m sad to report that Netflix still isn’t supported. I did everything I could including uninstalling the app and re-installing. I’m getting the same message: unable to access netflix server error 12001.

  • Matt Yearian

    My market updated with the videos option finally.  Kind of weird I’ve had the video app since 3.1, but it would forward me to the webpage of the market before to rent something and I couldn’t use the offline mode.

  • Littlecay

    The update is broken. Now, you cannot open documents from the file manager… a basic capability. While somepreiously broken things appear to be fixed (the system clipboard is available, again, in Polaris), the inability to open files from a file manager is a deal breaker for me. Is there no basic QA for Android or ASUS software?

  • Littlecay

    Strange… after 24 hrs, opening from File Manager now works again.