Motorola XOOM Owners Must Wait Until September to Receive Their Free Verizon LTE Upgrade

It’s been 5 months since Verizon released the Honeycomb packing behemoth known as the Motorola XOOM. Early adopters were slapped with the disappointing news of no Flash support, no SD card support, and no LTE support. Of course Big Red promised said functionality would be coming soon and that customers would be able to upgrade to LTE at no additional cost. Many customers figured the trade off would be worth it to have their hands on Android’s newest tablet OS while others opted to wait for the Wi-Fi only model.

We’re now creeping into the month of August and still no sign of LTE support, Wi-Fi only models just received SD support (3G models still waiting) and to add insult to injury, Verizon will be releasing the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1 tomorrow! Ouch!

So what’s the good news? Well, today Verizon started sending out emails to XOOM customers informing them that they can expect their free LTE upgrades to be available in September. Really? September!? Gee thanks…

I’d like to know how all you 3G XOOM owners feel about this? Are you pissed that Verizon is putting this off another couple months, especially since they are releasing a 4G tablet tomorrow? Have you already jumped ship on the XOOM or are you just happy to finally have confirmation of LTE’s arrival? Let us know in the comments and don’t hold back, let it all out.

Source: Droid Life

  • JCT2643


  • It’s ironic that I first purchased a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate which took an amazing 672 years to update to Froyo and I still don’t think they ever got the GPS just right. Now, I’ve purchased the XOOM and have to wait for microSD support and it seems forever away for 4G. Luckily I really don’t need the microSD support and I’m always using WiFi anyway. So yeah I’m a little disappointed, but I really don’t care overall as it’s not affecting use of my XOOM in anyway.

  • Angel R.

    i hate both Verizon and Motorola for basically spitting in the faces of their loyal customers. I actually plan formally complaining to both Big Red and the consumer protection agency. I feel lied to by both companies who have not answered with an exact date to when android 3.2 or LTE will be available. The biggest disrespect is that the Samsung Gallaxy will be the first tablet with LTE support when I like many others payed a premium for. The sad part is that I love my Xoom but feel that both companies have alreafy left us high and dry with little to show for it. The Xoom is now 600 cash from Verizon without a contract now Im stuck with a two year contract for a device that may never get SD or LTE support. Every time we get close there is another delay. first it was within the first 90 days, then by summer now til September, who knows what excuse will be next. I will never be loyal again to either company. I am suprised we have not seen a class action suit against both as we have merite to do so.

  • Jeff

    I bought the Xoom early.  I am an Apple avoider. Have a Thunderbolt as well. I love the Android OS for sooooo many reasons, but feel totally gullable to have bought into the bait-and-switch of the LTE and SD card upgrade BS.  My wife has the iPad2, and in reality it is pretty sweet.  I did the same thing with early iPods, I waited forever to get mine before I fell in love with it.  I suspect that my next tablet will probably be an iPad, HTC or Samsung may get their act together soon, which would be awesome because I am not missing any apps, and love how my phone and tablet interact.