Opera Tells Us How to Conserve Data in a Post-Unlimited Era


With Verizon having done away with unlimited data plans and Sprint toeing the waters, consumers are being forced to keep a close eye on their cell phone bills in way they are not yet familiar.  For many users, tracking data is just not as easy as tracking minutes.  Thankfully, we have companies like Opera who like to help lessen the burden that comes with astronomical bills.

The software compny has put together a list of things mobile users can do to help keep data usage down to a minimum.  Of course, the first thing they’d recommend is that you download the latest version of their mobile web browser.  Considering its ability to compress data and yet still deliver speedy load times, we’d have a tough time arguing against them.  However, there are other things one should consider if they are looking to cut corners here and there.

Here are Opera’s top tips for saving data:

  • Open the full email only if necessary. Open email attachments sparingly, if at all
  • Manage your apps’ hunger for mobile data. Disable push notifications
  • Spotify is awesome, but use your locally-stored playlist when on the go
  • Consider using mobile-friendly webpages. Our research shows they shave off a significant amount of data that otherwise would count against your cap
  • Update and download apps over WiFi
  • Turn off images when nearing your cap. Most browsers make it easy. In Opera Mini, for example, just click Settings and turn off “Load Images”
  • Avoid HD video on YouTube when browsing on a mobile connection. Just 10 minutes of HD video per day fills a standard 2GB plan
  • Consider using a smart mini browser, like Opera Mini. These keep you from downloading too much data to your phone

Are you currently practicing any of these techniques?  Have they had any impact on your monthly data usage?

  • good suggestions.  they may be hard considering we’re all have been used to mostly unlimited data until now. 

  • interesting) thanks for sharing!

  • Eli311 Lucero

    this is why sprints the best 🙂

  • Hey, great suggestions. This will definitely come in handy when I have to switch off my family plan and onto my own Verizon plan…