SPB Shell 3D Hits v1.2 with a Host of New Features

Popular home screen replacement/user interface SPB Shell 3D has been updated again this week, tossing in a number of oft-requested features. Aside from general improvements in settings and general design, v1.2 now includes a bookmarks folder, a better contacts widget, and 3D edit mode. SPB also tosses in a couple of experimental features in with the ability to toggle smartphone and tablet modes as well as a stereoscopic 3D mode.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out SPB Shell 3D, now’s your chance. The app runs $14.95 and works on any Android device with 2.1-2.3.3. Before you balk at that price tag, consider the 4-star rating (12,342) and nearly 1 million installs. Since it works on top of stock Android, Sense UI, and any other skin, this guy is definitely worth the money!



  • gad

    does it work on tablets

    • Elios

      if the tablet is an andriod one.. it’s supposed to work

  • Right from SPB’s website: “Smartphones only (tablets not supported)”

    • Dave Jurgensen

      Right from this website, and the app:  Experimental Tablet mode now available.

  • John

    nearly 1 million installs? have you added a zero there?

  • Tcaudill01

    The shell will run on tablets (running it on an a500 now) and it looks great. It is not visible in the market, but you can download it to your phone and then copy the apk over to your tab.

  • Jlscott

    It works great on my Toshiba Thrive. Love it

    J. Scott