HTC Trademark Filings Which Could Prove to be Android-Related

Just as we finished up our post on Samsung trademarks which may (or may not) ultimately be Android-related, we came across a few HTC trademarks as well.  Pocketnow has compiled a few names of their own to which we added a few more.  Some of these could end up as Windows Phone handsets while others may become part of HTC’s Sense services.  Either way, we’re digging the naming convention coming out of HTC’s camp… for the most part.  Friendz?  Really?

Initially discovered by Pocketnow:

  • HTC Velo
  • HTC Cheetah
  • HTC Skyrocket
  • HTC Titan
  • HTC Raider

Additional HTC filings which could result in Android-related devices or services:

  • HTC Dynamo (could be app-related or service-related)
  • HTC Radiant
  • HTC Friendz (please don’t be a Facebook phone)
  • HTC Rift
  • HTC Apprise
  • HTC CUL8R (see you later)
  • HTC Frenzy
  • HTC Amuse
  • HTC Reward
  • Show Me  (could be app-related or service-related)
  • HTC Chatter

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  1. RockingmyEvo3D
    July 29, 20:18 Reply

    Hopefully one of these names are a code name for another EVO exclusive brand. I am a technology junkie and even with the fact I just purchased my Evo 3d over a month ago I can’t help but look to the next iteration of EVO BRAND. After all it is truly the best device on market

  2. Mn__63
    November 13, 21:36 Reply

    A name for the other LTE AT&T phone codenamed “Lead”. Not that I’m holding my breath.

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