New Motorola Atrix with 8-Megapixel Camera, 1080p HD?

Some images have leaked of a new “Atrix” like device that appears to be heading AT&T .  Given this is the first we’ve seen of the device, we’ll proceed with caution on the specs and details.  However, we’re already on board with the phone should it prove to be the real deal.

This new, Atrix 2 we’ll call it, looks to offer an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture and a slightly re-positioned power button.  On the software front, we see much less Motoblur influence from previous Motorola offerings, a definite plus.  The Atrix 2 is said to feature some sort of dual-core processor, possibly the Ti-OMAP 4430 (based on Motorola‘s track record). Hopefully we will see this device in a future AT&T lineup.  Will it replace the current Atrix 4G in the same way that Verizon likes to update the Droid every six to eight months?  We’ll find out before long.

Anyone have any idea as to why we see Sony Ericsson in the top of the screen?

Source: Unwired View






  • curious

    And on the right side it says “motorola restricted property not for sale” in the same low viz writing….