Nielsen: HTC Leads All Android Manufacturers (U.S.)

A new post on Nielsen’s official blog breaks down mobile operating systems and the various handset makers and their respective shares.  At 39 percent, Android accounts for the largest share of the U.S. consumer market, followed by Apple (iOS) at 28 percent and RIM (Blackberry) at 20 percent.

Because Apple is the only company making handsets and devices running iOS, they lead all smart phone manufacturers in the United States.  However, splitting up Android into various companies, HTC leads the pack at 14 percent, trailed by Motorola at 11 percent and Samsung at 8 percent.  Everyone else (LG, Sony Ericsson, Dell, Acer, Huawei, etc) gets lumped together at 6 percent.

Is this pretty much how you pictured the breakdown or are you surprised by the results?  If anything, we figured LG would have scored their own segment of the pie, given all the variations of low-cost Optimus One models.

Source: Nielsen

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