Samsung Trademark Filings Point to Potential Android Products

It’s no secret that we love to dig around the US Patents and Trademarks website, hoping to find a nugget of potential Android-related news.  It’s here where we often find names to upcoming smart phones, tablets, or carrier initiatives.  I decided to poke though the site today and see what Samsung might be up to in terms of smart phones.  Of course, since Samsung likes to offer devices that don’t run Android (boo!), some of these could end up as Windows Phone handsets or, worse, feature phones.

Hit the break to see a bunch of word marks and their respective filing dates.  Do any of these sound like the next big Android phone or tablet?

  • Samsung Lance, May 31
  • Samsung Doubletime, July 26
  • Samsung Convene, July 20
  • Samsung Reign, July 20
  • Samsung Motivate, July 20
  • Samsung Headline, July 20
  • Samsung Frost, July 20
  • Samsung Lightray, July 20
  • Samsung Precedent, July 7
  • Samsung Eminence, July 7
  • Samsung Palatine, July 7

We also came across Samsung SAY N GO (May 11) which is described as being “software for mobile phones and tablet computers, namely, software for use in voice recognition and translation.”