October 21, 2014

Summon Your Inner Gladiator with GAMEVIL's New RPG, Colosseum

Ever get the urge to break out a mace or an axe to take on a seemingly endless bunch of monsters?  Maybe you get the itch to summon ice , fire, or lightning ?  Well, now can do just that thanks to GAMEVIL’s latest Android offering, the slick-looking RPG, Colosseum.  Players enter, wait for it… a colosseum, where they must battle monsters with a whole range of weapons, bombs, and spells.  Featuring cartoon-y graphics, power-ups, and intuitive controls, the game offers a high replay value.  Colosseum works on Android devices running 2.1 or higher and costs a mere 99¢ to download.

Hit the break to see a few images and to find a download link.