Unlocked Droid 3 Works on AT&T


The Motorola Droid 3 was recently launched on Verizon as a flagship device, and it’s a great improvement compared to the original Droid and Droid 2. Bell Canada launched a GSM version of the Droid 3, the Motorola XT860 4G. In the U.S., the Droid 3 is currently exclusive to Verizon, but perhaps not for long. Negri Electronics is selling the Motorola XT860 unlocked in the U.S., and apparently the device is capable of running on AT&T’s 3G network. The device is selling with with 850/1900 bands, which means it should be able to utilize AT&T towers. The upside to buying the device unlocked is that AT&T won’t load it down with bloatware, and users can tether without being charged extra.

So, is anyone out there on AT&T planning to pick up an unlocked Droid 3? Leave a comment below!

Source Talk Android


  1. This was misleading… Unless the xt860 is dual band cdma gsm… Then why make it sound like you could pick this up unlocked and switch between verizon and att

    • because it is capable of both gsm and cdma….just that verizon usually blocks any attempts to use a sim card aside from theirs in the U.S.

      • And yes I’m sure you’re thinking “cdma phones dont have sim cards”, well the droid 3 global has a vodafone distributed card for when you roam

    • Funnily enough if you read the text carefully it doesn’t say it works on Verizon. It works on Bell Canada and ATT. The only reason the text references Verizon is to say that people will be able to use the hardware on something BESIDES Verizon.

  2. LIES LIES and more LIES…. this phone will not work on both networks…. you have no clue what your talking about!

      • They make a gsm version of the phone. Its not CDMA. Obvioulsy why the release of the gsm droid in Canada is a big deal, so att users and tmobile users can use it in the us. The Motorola MIlestone series of phones are all gsm and are sold in Europe and other continents because the CDMA network is basically non existant over seas. So Motorola has to make it a gsm phone, so BOOM unlock the phone and you can use it with att or tmobile so dont tell this guy he doesnt know what hes talking about

  3. I just won a Verizon Droid 3 in a raffle, but need to keep my AT&T family plan.  It is the XT 862 and the Sim Card says “Vodafone”.  Is there an inexpensive way I can have it unlocked to work on AT&T or should I just E-Bay it?

  4. Negri Electronics has this device up for pre-order but they don’t have any stock.  If you want one of these now you’ll have to buy it off ebay.

  5. I have unlocked Motorola XT860 (Canada Bell version). It’s a GSM phone. I am able to use the att sim card and able to make phone call but not able to use 3G data plan on it. Does anyone know how to make 3G working on this phone?

  6. i unlocked my droid 3 and put an attandt sim card in it and for a couple days it works but then it keeps losing signal and network all together and then it just doesnt pick up signal again. any ides why this keeps happening