HTC Release Source Code for 7 Devices

HTC has released a slew of source codes for their phones, both new and old.  These source codes can all be found at HTC‘s developers repository where we expect you hacking types will have a field day.  It might be me, but HTC seems to be the one device manufacturer that know what the people want, unlocking their bootloaders and releasing their phones source codes on a timely manner.

The latest handsets to see their source codes set free:

  • Salsa
  • EVO 4G Gingerbread
  • Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread
  • Sensation
  • EVO 3D
  • ChaCha
  • Desire Z

Who is your favorite device manufacturer? Does this type of thing affect your decision in buying a smart phone?  Leave your comments below.

Source: Android Police

  • Elvis

    Awesome, they just earned 700 points in my heart… now they just have to put out an awesome vzw phone 🙂

  • Almahix

    I admire the manufacturers like HTC and Samsung that enable the Android developer community, and condemn those like Motorola that do not.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ the Evo situation.  Way to go HTC.

    @4be58cc2b82b1e169869e785ddfbd68d:disqus I get what you’re saying, but HTC has sort of taken a couple steps back here, as of late.  “One step forward, two steps back, down inna Babylon!”  Seriously though, it was refreshing to see HTC ‘claim’ to embrace the situation after stating otherwise, but look at what has followed since.  

    HTC is in violation (GPL) here, they need to release full (Evo) source.  ASAP.  Not sure what the case is with the others, but that is NOT the Evo source.  

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