Invite your Friends to Google Music (U.S. Only)

If you have been wanting to try out the new music streaming service provided by Google, now is your chance. Google has now opened up invitations a bit so that additional users can experience the music service.  Unfortunately there are a few downsides to this in that it’s limited to U.S. users only and that you have a select number of invites to share with others.  Some, like me, don’t even have an option to share invitations.  If you have access to Google Music and wanna share the love, log in and invite some friends!

Source: Android Police

  • Emeric

    Oh ! I want ! please !!

  • Louis Ayotte

    US only? hahaha
    I’m in canada with a US firmware Xoom, as soon as i heard about the 2 invites i went on my google music page and i had 2 invites available (no proxy for the webpage)

  • Any spare invites?

  • Mike

    Hey, nice post..
    I posted my Gmail on (it’s a google invitation sharing website) If you have a Google Music invite please Help me!!