Motorola Expects Less Than 1.5 Million Xoom Sales for 2011

Motorola said yesterday that it forecasts between 1.3 million to 1.5 million tablets sales for the course of 2011, with numbers continuing to taper in the face of stronger competition. After only selling 440,000 Xoom tablets in the second quarter, the figures can only be viewed as a major disappointment to Motorola Mobility.

I have to admit that going into the year I expected Motorola to easily double or triple those figures. Whether it’s the hefty price tag or the general heft of the device itself, something is responsible for the lackluster figures.  Of course, it’s not as if any other Android tablet has run away with the crown, shaming Motorola in the process. Apple simply owns the tablet space right now.

On a positive note, Motorola will soon begin the mail-in upgrade process for the tablet, giving Verizon customers 4G LTE capability. Perhaps coupling this feature with a lower, more attractive price point can spur sales in the coming back-to-school season.

  • mds20

    I don’t own a tablet, but as I hear it, Xoom adoption in the corporate world has been troubled by a lack of vpn integration.  I hear the iPad is much better in this area. Why Cisco and Google can’t get this figured out, I don’t know.

    • Ctsamados

      Actually the Xoom does have SD card activation with the latest 3.2 patch.

      I’ve rooted my Xoom so I’ve had this feature for months as well as USB mass storage, my Xoom has pretty much replaced my laptop.

  • Mil

    I’m not surprised. With features that were set to be enabled after sale (e.g. 4G modem, MicroSD card slot), there’s no wonder it has put people off. When these features are delayed (both have still yet to be added), no one trusts the “we’ll update it later” as Motorola have already got your money. Also, Motorola have mis-sold the Xoom outside of US. They’ve been sold has Google Experience Devices (i.e. commitment to receiving Android updates) but as they’ve proved with the UK market, Xoom owners are still stock on 3.0 when US have already received 3.2.

  • Ropot99

    Well, I had had the Xoom WiFi for just over a month now, and I am generally pleased. I have to admit that during the first week, that I really considered returning it and buying an iPad 2 instead. but I concluded that the each tablet has its own shortcomings and I would be trading one set of disappointments for another. I was in a personal computer mindset, and tablets are a different function. In addition, I have an HTC EVO, and honestly, it does more than the Xoom, except of course the 10.1″ screen. Perhaps consumers are discovering that maybe a good laptop or netbook for the same or less money can perform better. I had to laugh too, that I added a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so now I have an android netbook, in 3 pieces!

    As I have progressed with software, I have improved the functionality to do more productive work on the go, and free me from the desktop unit, which is my goal. I see the main issues still as:
          1. inability to insert an SD card to transfer data and photos
          2. cumbersome file transfer methods (my old motoQ was better)
          3. software packages that are not as complete as on a desktop
          4. not very good USB (micro USB) connections
          5. poor location of external plugs (power, usb, hdmi)

    To its credit, the Xoom is well made, android 3.1 runs super, its really a good piece, and I know the iPad is too. I think it was all well thought out. I am just banking on future developments that will give it more diverse functionality, such as better print capabilities and enhanced network abilities. I really don’t think I should have had to add the apps that I did to make these features available, plus the printing and network abilities are still not what I want. 

  • I had a friend that wanted to by the Xoom tablet, but after he read about the issues still remaining, especially the sd card slot not working, he has decided to buy another Android tablet. He will choose the Toshiba Thrive.

  • Xoomowner

    Maybe if they had pushed out the update for 3.1 in a timely fasion for the rest of world things might look different now for them. Possibly not, but lagging updates and semi-functional equipment while we wait for the new OS version does not help sell the device.

  • Rootko

    Given the fact that all honeycomb tablets are priced more or less the same, users will go for tablet that is not that heavy (samsung galaxy tab 10.1), or those which features works out of the box (asus transformer). Motorola simply has disadvantage that xoom was first tablet released. Other companies had the chance to improve on mistakes motorola made. Only chance would be to drastically reduce the price of xooms, so they become more available even with those disadvantages.

    • Actually all honeycomb tablets weren’t priced more or less the same until just recently when Motorola dropped their price.  They only shipped the expensive $799 3G model for the first several months and then introduced the Wi-Fi version for $599.  Meanwhile Asus had the Transformer…which has an IPS screen…selling for $399 from day one…and it’s selling 400,000 units a month.  They expect 3-4 million to sell this year.  The Acer Iconia Tab was also well priced at $449 and now at $395.  The XOOM is STILL overpriced.  It needs to be $399 to be competitive.  Especially since most reviews find the XOOM screen to be subpar compared with most of the other tablets including the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Asus Transformer and Iconia Tab…not to mention the iPad2.  Nobody’s gonna pay MORE for a tablet that is perceived as comparable at best and inferior at worst.

  • Rpapagayoking

    Motorola is a good tablet and fast but there is a problem on apps .. if u guys can activate the apps for yahoo messenger it will be better and u can sell this Motorola easyly . Why? Many people using yahoo messenger than Skype and your Motorola is so nice to work around the house or in a office talking friends. And also thetre is a problem on watching movie. U can’t open Netflix here and I don’t know why? So don’t blame the consumer if they don’t buy ur product. They looking for something that everything in there.if only u can still upgrade this Motorola xoom .. word of the mouth is the best tactic to sell a good product.

  • Matt Yearian

    Releasing this thing with a price tag that says “$799”  killed it.  The general public saw this and then ignored it after that.  So sad, they could have had the entire android market as they were first, but couldn’t see past their greed.

    • Auricam

      Ouais trop triste. Ici en Europe, Motorola a baissé le prix de sa tablette à 469 €. C’est grace à ça que je me suis décidé à l’acheter. Elle repart donc un peu mieux. Grace à ça, et grace à la médiatisation grandissante d’Android Honeycomb. Le public commence a savoir qu’il y a aussi bien que l’Ipad. Bonjour de Bruxelles.

  • The Asus Transformer is selling 400,000 tablets a MONTH and the Iconia Tab A500 is not far behind.  The XOOM was overpriced…plain and simple.  $799 was an insane entry price.  It should have started out at $499 and it would have done MUCH better.  Motorola shot themselves in the foot with this one.  They were arrogant and didn’t release a Wi-Fi version until they had tried to milk as much from the overpriced 3G model as they could.  It backfired and people went for cheaper android tablets like the Transformer and Iconia Tab.