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If you’re looking to step up your phone’s camera a bit, check out these two awesome lenses from PhotoJoJo that make your phone like a mini DSLR. PhotoJoJo sent me their two mobile phone lenses, a fisheye lens and macro/wide angle lens. The two are very special in achieving different types of photos. A fisheye lens gives a spherical look to all your pictures, and is popular with action sports (skating, biking, snowboarding) photography, as well as scenic photography. Next, the macro/wide angle lens is a two-piece lens. The macro screws into the wide angle. The macro lens is for close-up shots, and the wide angle lens is similar to the fisheye, producing a wider view of your photos. Obviously the quality of your photos is really going to depend on your location, amount of light, and the image sensor in your phone. The lenses stay connected to your phone via a magnetic ring that connects around your phone’s camera with a sticky adhesive (be sure to get the ring on the first time, as you only get two per lens).

  • Fisheye: The fisheye lens is probably my favorite lens of the two. I love to skate, so I took the lens with me and took some action shots. The lens was not too big or bulky, and stayed connected to the phone very well. I also took the lens to a shakier environment, a roller coaster, and the lens stayed on without any issues while bumping up and down.
  • Wide Angle: The wide angle lens was probably my least favorite. It’s a bit of a mid-way point between no lens and a fisheye. The lens seemed to have a weird distortion on all my photos that made them nearly unusable.
  • Macro: The macro lens was very nice and probably took the best pictures. It’s the smallest lens, and stayed connected to the phone the best. The macro lens takes extremely close photos, so it is really only usable under certain conditions.




The two lenses set will run you around $40 from PhotoJoJo, or you can buy the fisheye for $25 and the wide/macro for $20. Besides getting the lens for $40, you also get full lens protection and two lens covers, as well as two reverse lens covers that cover the backside of the lenses. Lastly, you also get two magnetic rings per lens so you can swap them among multiple devices. Don’t forget to watch the video review below, and be sure to leave any questions and personal opinions in the comments!


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  1. Anonymous
    July 29, 15:01 Reply

    I wonder if I could put one on each lens of my Evo 3D and take macro-videos in 3D…

  2. JH
    July 29, 15:50 Reply

    I wonder if this will fit my HTC desire…

  3. Rob
    July 29, 20:36 Reply

    Best line: “Your not going to be able to do much after you put a ring on it”

  4. Jason Parker
    September 20, 07:56 Reply

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