More Sony S1 & S2 Details Leaked

Sony officially announced their first Android tablets, the S1 and S2, back in April. The S1 is built to compete with tablets like the iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM, while the S2 is completely different, as it comes with a dual folding display. We recently heard that the S2 will be launched by AT&T in the U.S., but we don’t know when. Now CNET is saying that a source very close to Sony is reporting that the manufacturer launch 4 versions of the S1 tablet. There’ll be a 16GB Wi-Fi only model, along with a 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G. The other two are essentially the same, with twice the internal memory, giving us a 32GB Wi-Fi only S1 and 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G unit as well. The S2 will be available in 16 GB WiFi/3G and 32GB WiFi/3G. Obviously there won’t be a Wi-Fi only model since it’s being launched by AT&T.

They are claiming that the S1’s battery life is comparable to the iPad 2, which means around 10 hours of battery life. We’re also hearing that the S1 will also feature an onboard infrared remote feature, which allows it to control TVs, Blu-Ray players, and other devices. Hopefully, Sony will launch their two new tablets at IFA 2011 next month in Berlin, but only time will tell.

So who’s looking forward to picking up an S1? Anyone on AT&T planning to grab a Sony S2 when it drops? Leave a comment below!

Source CNET

  • Wow… Cool thing! Never heard about this before. Thank you!

  • Wow… Cool thing! Never heard about this before. Thank you!

  • For its unique design, I do admire it! It is really rare to get this kind of operating style. However, I still think HTC is doing a better job as Android cellphone.

    • Anonymous

      This is a tablet. Nothing like the Kyocera Echo. Htc atm are making many enemies with their distan t lack/misinformation of gingerbread updates for their devices. Nothing has yet been mentioned of the Desire Z Gingerbread update (ETA was July) and they have given the owners of Desire the option of downloading a rushed RUU (no OTA update)

  • Scali1

    Sign me up.  Can’t wait for the S2 to get out of the lab.