Stay Safe with the Fully Customizable, All-in-One Digital Flare Gun, MyFlare [VIDEO]

Have you ever found yourself in a rough part of town, not knowing which stranger’s smile is real and which has sinister implications?  Maybe you’ve been stranded on the side of the highway on your way home from another rough day of work.  There are tons of scenarios where you might find that you have to call friends or family, give directions or descriptions, and more.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do all of this with the press of a button? Well, you already know what we’re gonna say next.

MyFlare bills itself as a “personalized digital flare gun” and we can think of no better description. The application is an all-in-one emergency toolkit which ties together 911, text messaging, email, GPS, and audio/video recording.  Users can set pre-determined emergency messages which are instantly deployed to up to ten contacts, making sure all the right people are in the know.  One feature we’d really like to see is lock screen integration, so that users don’t have to take any added steps to turn on the app.  We’ve spoken with the developers who promise this feature is but six weeks off!

MyFlare costs a one-time $2.49 and works on Android devices running 1.5 and above.  Read through to see a few details, grab a download link, and watch a video!

We can think of a ton of use cases for an application like this – kids with first smart phones, college students, long term commuters, bar-hopping socialites, etc.

  • Calls 911 or the user’s designated non-911 emergency contact
  • Sends a customized MyFlare™ Message via SMS text message and e-mail to 10 of the user’s pre-selected MyFlare Contacts™, alerting them that the user’s in trouble (the message includes the user’s current GPS location)
  • Sends a 20-second optional video recording documenting the user’s present environment
  • Blasts an optional police siren continuously, except when the phone is not in use



  • Create fear, create money. Just disgusting… 

    • Davey

      Wish I could be that naive but I don’t live in a quiet village and ufortunately, I read the news.

      Great idea and no doubt we’ll see stories of it saving lives.

  • Great idea.  Better than some stupid game.  We need more apps that have real utility.

  • Christina

    Things happen and I personally would love to have this app to keep me safe.

  • Dave

    Great concept and too cheap not to have.

  • pops

     a wonderful gift for my family safety – i bought the app for everyone and can sleep better tonite

  • The application is an all-in-one emergency toolkit which ties together
    911, text messaging, email, GPS, and audio/video recording.

  • I too
    agree on the importance of proper goal setting and develop courage all while
    learning MyFlare.

  • Myflare has been successfully licensing it’s patents as of late, signing agreements with some mid-to-large Android handset makers.