Playbox Announces Three New Free Android Games

Playbox, makers of the popular Bang Bang Racing THD, recently announced a trio of new games for the Android Market.  Each game will be made available for free to, using in-app advertising to offset development costs.  The first title, Switch, can be download immediately, however the others are still in a holding pattern.

We just spent the last half hour playing Switch and have found ourselves officially hooked.  It’s a simple premise in that you need to travel as far as you can using four tracks.  Obstacles get in your way, the screen tilts, and things get crazy fast.  Switch is easy to master but nearly impossible to walk away from. The game also scores bonus points with us thanks to its OpenFeint integration.

Angry Wife will be Playbox‘s next game, putting players in the role of the husband trying to save his belongings. The angry wife is in the house tossing your stuff out so you gotta catch it. But watch out, she’s gonna throw a few dangerous things your way. Sounds to us like another simple to learn, tough to quit title.

The third game, House of Golf, is a 3D golfing game which features 45 holes to master set across five household environments (Kitchen, Living Room, Garage, Attic, and Bedroom). Playbox promises “full 3D console quality graphics” for this one and, based on Bang Bang Racing THD, we see no reason to doubt them.