Samsung Launching Sequel to Galaxy Tab Next Month?

Samsung launched the original Galaxy Tab over a year ago, and it grew to one of the best-selling tablets on the market. Its big brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, is also doing very well. Now it seems that Samsung is planning to launch a successor to their first ever Android tablet, as ETnews is reporting that Samsung is working on a 7-Inch Super AMOLED display. It’s said to feature an amazing resolution of 1024 x 768, and Sammy will start production soon, which means that we can expect another 7-inch masterpiece soon.Rumor has it that it will hit the U.S. in September, and it seems legitimate enough, because Samsung officially announced the Tab at IFA 2010. As we know, IFA 2011 is just around the corner, so Sammy may launch the new Tab along with the rumored Galaxy Q.

So, are you still interested in the 7-Inch design, or you are more happy with the larger Tab 10.1? Drop a comment below!

Source BGR

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    • Jake
      August 02, 21:23 Reply

      That’s what she said.
      Seriously, though. Does this mean that Samsung will be maintaining three tablet sizes: 7 inches, 8.9 inches, and 10.1 inches ongoing?

  1. Reg
    August 02, 22:25 Reply

    Like the 7″ tab

  2. Mike Silva
    August 02, 22:26 Reply

    I’m still waiting for an AMOLED Andriod tablet since samsung first launched the 7″ LCD Galacy Tab.
    So basicaly I’ll pickup the first AMOLED Android tablet on the market, be it 7″ or 8.9″, or 10″

  3. Mike Silva
    August 03, 14:23 Reply

    That 1024×768 doesn’t sound right. It’s a 4:3 resolution and tablets are all widescreen 16:9 or 16:10.
    I hope we are not going to see a stupid pixel aspect ratio again like 42″ HD-Ready 16:9 Plasmas with 1024×768 …So it should end up with one of the following resolutions:1280×720, 1280×768, 1024×600, 

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