Google: Microsoft, Oracle, Apple Mounting a “Hostile Campaign” Against Android

Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, has taken to the official Google blog to shed light on the recent patent war that’s been unfolding over the last few months.  As he puts it, “Android is on fire” and because of that, a number of competitors (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, etc) are doing whatever they can to mount a “hostile, organized campaign” against the platform.

Among other details in the blog post Drummond cites the fact that companies who have absolutely nothing to do with Android are receiving up to $15 per handset.  However, Google believes that justice will ultimately prevail.  He points to Microsoft  and Apple’s recent acquisition of Nortel’s patent portfolio, and says that this is almost five times larger than its pre-auction estimate of $1 billion.  According to Google, buying a bunch of patents strictly to get in your enemies way will not work out.

We’re not naive; technology is a tough and ever-changing industry and we work very hard to stay focused on our own business and make better products. But in this instance we thought it was important to speak out and make it clear that we’re determined to preserve Android as a competitive choice for consumers, by stopping those who are trying to strangle it.

I, for one, think it’s fantastic that Google (David Drummond) has the guts to step up and call these companies out.  The way I look at it, they’re just shining a bright light on the situation that everyone else can already see.

Read the entire post, When Patents Attack Android

  • Sweet James Jones

    “Buying a bunch of patents strictly to get in your enemies way will not work out.”

    Actually, it really might work out. They can pretty much charge you what they want or force you to change your software because of the patent so long as they are valid.

    It’s cowardly for such big companies to take competitive the approach of buying patents, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Patents were meant the protect the original inventor, not strangle competition. If those companies had developed the technology themselves, it would be different. Alas, that’s America today. Let’s just sue.

  • Anonymous

    I recently heard an amazing radio show by NPR about the current software patent crisis.

  • Anonymous

    Complete cowardice behaviour by Microsoft, Apple and Oracle. All those companies realise they cannot compete with Android by producing better competition so they’ve resorted to the only tactics that they can think of (rinse Android for every penny it can). It’s simply pathetic behaviour and I really really wish someone realised how crap the patent system is and use this as a starting point to change how things work. Google have my full support in fighting off these patent trolls. If anything, it has totally convinced me that Microsoft, Apple and Oracle do not deserve any more of my hard earned cash.

  • Gardo3627

    Que mierdu son android num. 1 para siempre

  • Jimmy1343

    Thank you Google for all the freebies.  Google Maps, Google Navigate, Google Earth, Gmail, Google Music, Google +, Youtube, Chrome Browser, Google Voice, Free phone calling through Gmail, and Android. 

    FU Microsoft!  No more buying Windows for me.  Its funny Microsoft makes more money from Android phones without making a single one than their Windows mobile phones.   FU Apple.  I will never buy another ipod, iphone, or music from iTunes.

  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • Jamie Carl

    Whatever the outcome of this, the consumer is the one that loses.

  • Niks4u Yeole

    applea and microsofts are cowards….they can’t upgrade technology and want to drag behind those who are innovating…just like oil companies pay huge sums to kill new non conventional technologies….long live google..