IDC: Android and iPhone in Dead Heat to Win Enterprise

A new IDC Appcelerator survey indicates that Android and Apple are in a two-way race to eat up the mobile enterprise. With roughly 44 percent of 1,625 polled developers favoring iOS and another 44 percent choosing Android, everyone else is left fighting over the remaining 12 percent.

Windows Phone is preferred by 7 percent of developers while Blackberry (RIM) comes in fourth place at 4 percent. HP’s WebOS brings up the rear with about 2 percent of the pie.

Given the option to choose which platforms hold appeal, Apple’s iPhone leads at 91 percent listed as being “very interested”, followed by the iPad at 88 percent. Android comes in a close third at 87 percent with tablets grabbing 74 percent.

Whether you view these numbers as good or bad, one thing to consider is the relatively small sampling.  With only 1,625 developers responding, it’s but a blip on the radar when you have hundreds of thousands of apps and developers.  Head to Appcelerator for the full, detailed report.

Via: All Things D

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