Noogra Nuts, the Android Exclusive Headbutting Squirrel

We just received an email from the developers of a new game called Noogra Nuts which presents players with a simple premise.  You get two minutes (as a squirrel) to headbutt as many nuts and acorns as you can.  While it doesn’t sound like much on the sruface, we immediately fell in love with the cute graphics and easy to master gameplay.  Toss in vibrant colors, fun sound effects, and OpenFeint integration and you have a recipe for a high replay game.  We’ve played a couple of rounds of Noogra Nuts when we should have been otherwise working.  Add another one to the list of games we’ll

Noogra Nuts is completely free to download and play on any Android device running 1.6 and above.  And yes, that means tablets too!



  • Dz5666

    fun ! 🙂 !!!!!!

  • Disbraysizt

    ib4 al sharpton calls for this app to be banned

  • Daniel Tierol

    Great game!!! 🙂
    and u know the word noogra means headbutt  =]

  • jossef

    very fun! amazing graphics !!!

  • Jasonca455