Leaked Sony Tablet Details Include Android 3.2, Custom UI


Someone over at the Sony eSupport page uploaded a troubleshooting document to their site last night, accidentally spilling a couple of tablet beans in the process. Thanks to the error, we have a few new details to look forward to when the S1 and S2 arrive this fall.  Oh, and before you take off to the support site you should know that the goods have been taken down.

Under the section devoted to finding the version of Honeycomb OS is an image that leads us to expect v3.2 of the platform. On another page, however, we see a tablet running v3.1 so we’re not sure what’s going on. Among the pre-installed applications, we might look forward to Sony’s own Crash Bandicoot, Crackle, and Chumby as well as maybe Zinio, Foursquare, Ustream, and Evernote.  The troubleshooting documents also show the S1 as having a proprietary charging adapter, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Be sure to check out Carrypad if you’d like to see a couple of additional shots.