Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Gets a Price and Release Date

Lenovo announced their Android-powered ThinkPad in late July almost immediately after leaking its shots on Picasa. The ThinkPad is a good looking tablet and should do well among the Lenovo faithful once it arrives.

Lenovo has added details as to when we’ll actually see this tablet and provided a handful of pricing options. Look for the ThinkPad on August 23 with prices that start at $479 for the 16GB version.  Want to toss it that digital pen?  Cough up another$30 and expect to pay $509.  The 32GB version runs $589 and includes that price includes the pen. And should you fancy a keyboard portfolio case, Lenovo will gladly take another $99 from you.

Note that these all models are Wi-Fi only and Lenovo will release the 3G model sooner or later. After the launch in USA, Lenovo is planning to launch their flagship tablet across the globe before the end of September.

So anyone planning to get one from Lenovo? Or you are happy with your Galaxy Tab 10.1?  Or do you even have a tablet yet? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: ThisIsMyNext

  • I plan on getting the 16 GB with pen and keyboard portfolio on the first day of sale, assuming they sell them at Best Buy. My Thinkpad R61 laptop is going strong 3 years after purchase, so I’m happy to say I’m very excited about this tablet (my first).

  • I’ll buy this because it will be corporate approved – however, I think if I was solely approaching it from a consumer perspective I would hold off.   Tegra 2 powered tablets are, unfortunately, old news with the upcoming release of the quad-core generation projected for the fall.

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