October 20, 2014

T-Mobile LG Gelato Spotted, Should Hit AT&T Too

Back in July, LG officially announced the LG Optimus Net , the successor to their famous entry level device known as Optimus One. Although it was tapped for overseas markets, we expected LG to launch their new entry level device in U.S. as well.  Carrying the codename Gelato, we suspect that at least Sprint and T-Mobile would be interested locally.

The first image of T-Mobile Gelato were recently spotted over at Bluetooth SIG, albeit a very blurry pic.  Look close and you’ll see the T-Mobile logo.  Bluetooth SIG further reports that this device will also hit AT&T around sometime around August 2011, so perhaps the T-Mobile and Sprint iterations are not far off.

If you are currently using an Optimus One, are you looking forward to ditch it for Gelato? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: Unwired View