Is Amazon Expecting to Move 1 Million Tablets Per Month?

Could Amazon be expecting to sell upwards of 3 million of their Android tablets this fall?  If the information provided to is right, then that’s exactly what they’re hoping to see happen.  According to new details, Quanta Computer Inc., the company tasked with providing the tablets to Amazon, has been ordered to produce a massive amount of devices.

Since the beginning of July, the PC manufacturer`s production lines have been rolling for Amazon, which demands 800,000 to 1 million units of its model per month from August through October.

Should Amazon be able to pull of that many unit in its first quarter, the online retailer could cement themselves as the Android tablet of choice.  And just for a little perspective, Motorola recently announced that they expect to sell about half of that over the entire year.

Source: CENS

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  1. Anonymous
    August 05, 15:10 Reply

    I was excited to buy one, and then the information leaked that it won’t have a FFC. And that is a dealbreaker for me

  2. Anonymous
    August 05, 15:10 Reply

    I was excited to buy one, and then the information leaked that it won’t have a FFC. And that is a dealbreaker for me

    • DtheArtist
      August 06, 15:05 Reply

      for me too. I was thinking about getting one, but no FFC, no sir. I’ll just get the Archos G9 tablet as I expected to.

  3. Mike Biggs
    August 06, 07:15 Reply

    wow, cool should be pretty cheap if they expect to sell that many !; )

  4. Anonymous
    August 06, 18:58 Reply

    I’m eagerly awaiting this tablet…however….

    The leaks point to this being a $400 HC tablet with NO CAMERA.  I assume that it won’t have gps or the Google app suite either.  Even if the remaining hardware is high-end, I don’t see anything yet that’s so game-changing that 2M+ people will buy this.  Even if they threw in Prime Videos, it still isn’t more appealing than the more mainstream tabs like the Eee pad, Iconia Tab, Tab 10.1 and Thrive.  The full catalog of Amazon VOD is decent, but the Prime eligible stuff is pretty much titles you can find on PBS if you look hard enough (and that’s the “good” stuff”).

    What am I missing here, or does the emperor really have no clothes?

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