G5 Entertainment’s Hidden Object Game “Paranormal Agency” Haunts the Android Market

If you enjoy hidden object games or have kids who love playing games like “I SPY” then you might want to check out G5 Entertainment’s newest Android release “Paranormal Agency.” Take on the role of Heather Mills, a clairvoyant detective faced with an influx of supernatural activity. Help rid the city of these unwanted apparitions while trying to solve the mystery behind their invasion. Tackle over 50 challenging levels as you hunt for hidden objects and send paranormal pests packing. Features of this spooky mystery game include:

  • 5 Different Types of Hidden Object Challenges
  • 25 Thrilling mini-games
  • 7 Unique Mini-Games
  • Original Storyline
  • Endless Hidden Object Fun

Paranormal Agency is available for free in the Android Market, however, only the first level is unlocked. From there you will need to fork over $2.98 to unlock the rest of the game via in-app purchase. Personally I prefer a “free trial” test run opposed to doing battle with the 15-minute refund window. Give it a try and let us know what you think. I know my kids enjoy these kinds of games and if it keeps them entertained then $3 is a small price to pay.

Android Market Link: Paranormal Agency