Maintenance Update Rolling Out to Motorola Xoom

We’ve just gotten word from Verizon that they’re in the process of rolling out a software update for Xoom users. There are quite a few goodies in store, namely:

  • Enhanced SD card support
  • Movie rental improvements
  • Improved streaming for movies
  • Screen scaling compatibility mode
  • Enhanced Exchange ActiveSync

For now, it appears that this update is specifically for Verizon Xoom owners, although it may hit WiFi-only users at a later time. It’s rolling out via an OTA, so keep your eyes on that Xoom of yours for an update notification. You can also check for it manually by going to Settings, About Tablet, to System Updates.

So has anyone gotten the update yet? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Albert for the tip!

Source Verizon

  • It has the same speed processor but twice the RAM. Like the iPad, the
    Galaxy Tab comes with different options for internal storage.

  • I think the Xoom is equipped a powerful CPU to ensure its speed of processor, just like other Motorola products. I do admire that! 

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  • Hokie

    Zoom doesn’t work on movies. Bummer.

  • Hokie

    Zoom doesn’t work on movies. Bummer.

  • Hokie

    Zoom doesn’t work on movies. Bummer.

  • Mike984

    …may be hiiting wifi xooms at a later date…
    Ha. Do your homework this is the 3.2 update wifi xooms got weeks ago.

  • Motorola Xoom is really a good device but there do have some shorcomings that needed to be improved…

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  • Vswebspace

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  • Bill Routzahn

    Updated my Xoom and my complaint is when I loaded my company files (word, excel, pdf files) the Xoom doesn’t recognize them. Put the sd card in a Samsung and it did. So, I’m not happy with the update.
    Also, removed all of my email accounts as they still have not resolved the Delete All. Have to manually check each email to delete then when it goes to the trash folder have to repeat the same function. So these are big issues to me and I have reported to bother Motorola and Verizon to no avail.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola xoom is a great tablet but i prefer the IPAD. I think Apple really have the best combination in terms of software and hardware. Thanks –