Virgin Mobile Ad Counters T-Mobile’s Claims of Wireless Value Leader [VIDEO]

T-Mobile recently began airing a new commercial touting their $49.99 rate plan which includes unlimited data, talk and text, including up to 2 GB of ‘full-speed’ data.  As they see it, it’s the best value you can get in wireless.  Virgin Mobile disagrees and wants you to know there’s another, better option out there.  Starting today, you’ll begin seeing commercials featuring the Virgin Mobile celebrity couple Sparah and a lookalike version of T-Mobile‘s Carly.

Virgin Mobile offers a new rate plan with unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Email at $35  per month.  At $15 less than what T-Mobile asks for a similar deal, it does sound better on paper.  However, considering other factors such as data speed and handset selection, things get muddied pretty quickly.

Watch the Virgin Mobile clip ‘Party‘ after the break.


  • a parody of a parody. nice

  • Anonymous

    What is this $49.99 plan you refer to?  The only thing I see is a $49.99 family plan (2 lines totaling $100).  Is that it?

    VM might be doing more harm than good by publicizing this for TMo. 
    Also, VM’s plan doesn’t have unlimited minutes….in fact, 300 minutes
    is nothing (especially if you don’t have rollover which might make it a
    little better).

  • Gsamsam4

    Seriously one of the best ad campaigns to come out. I gotta say that was cool video.