AppDev Hackathon and Bootcamp

Calling all developers! There will be a day-long App Development Hackathon and Bootcamp session taking place during the App Developers Conference on Oct. 26, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention center in the heart of Silicon Valley.The conference itself will run for two days and focus on “successful techniques to develop, market, and generate revenue through apps on today’s top platforms as well as emerging platforms.” Attendance will cost $495 for those who register before August 19th. After the 19th the ticket to entry will be $595. Want to attend only the AppDev Hackathon and Bootcamp? You can and it’s free.

The Hackathon and Bootcamp will be a day long training, learning, and hacking session. There are prizes to be won and developers of all skills levels, from the old salts to the n00bs, are encouraged to attend.

Since the conference is focused on multiple platforms don’t expect the Hackathon and Bootcamp to be aimed solely at our beloved Android. In fact the Hackathon and Bootcamp is produced with the help of appMobi and Mobile{Dev}Sync. AppMobi has developed their own platform for developers to build apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

If you’ve been thinking of adding other platforms to your repertoire, want to expand your horizons and meet other devs, or just want a chance to win some swag, this free Hackathon and Bootcamp sounds like the ticket.