Galaxy Tab 10.1 Blocked in Europe

Well what do we have here? Apple actually gaining ground on one of it’s many ridiculous lawsuits? That’s the current case in Europe. The Regional Court of Dusseldorf has granted a preliminary injunction against the sale and marketing of the Tab meaning it now has to be taken off the shelves across Europe (excluding the Netherlands)  just a week after going on sale in Britain. According to some retailers the Tab has been the fastest selling tablet since the iPad 2 in the UK.

The judge backed Apples claim that the Tab 10.1 infringed on some of their patents and copied elements of the iPad 2. Samsung can appeal the case but the ruling will stand in the meantime and if appealed will be heard by the same judge in about 4 weeks time. An Apple spokesperson had this to say:

It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging. This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.

This is the second time Apple has achieved an injunction against Samsung’s rival tab, the first having its launch delayed indefinitely in Australia. While I can see the similarities between the Tab and the iPad 2 I do think the lawsuits are extreme; there are similarities between competing devices in technology all the time. Take TVs, cameras and laptops all look similar and just follow trends and there’s only so many ways you can design a tablet given their lack of physical buttons and similar size.

What do you guys think (Although I can already guess whose side you’re on!)? Are Apple right to gain an injunction? Or are they just looking to stifle all major competition and innovation? Let us know below or why not leave a comment on our Facebook Wall?

Source: Telegraph

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  • Leveliciouz

    this is just insane!
    i mean what apple does is just not fair.
    but that’s how business is.
    in my eyes they haven’t made a good product line with ther iphones ipods and ipads and seem to realize that they can’t compete to the potential android has.
    the only thing apple can do though is marketing their products to be the best.
    i mean there is actually a little bit of a similiarity but both products are made for a different community.
    apple just should live with it.
    still ios on the ipad is just an big version of the ios on iphones.
    thats about it.

  • Schnaj27

    Apple can go pound sand

  • George

    ‘ Are Apple right’?  You mean ‘Is Apple right’.  A company is singular.  How many Apples are you talking about?  And no, Apple is probably not right.  I must say, though, that I have not seen a single article describing the entire case against Samsung.  I guess without knowing the facts, it would be difficult to make an intelligent argument either way.  Every company has a responsibility to protect it’s patents or risk losing them.  That is how it works, however, I do not think it is ethical to try to buy up ridiculous patents just to gain an advantage.

    • When referring to a company such as Apple it is not referred to in the singular as there are many people who work for that company. Apple is not a person and Apple does not make decisions. The people of Apple make decisions. Grammatically speaking, Ryan was correct. With that being said, I personally think referring to a company in the plural sounds silly as no one speaks this way in real life. However, any publication that follows basic rules of grammar will say it just as presented above.

      • Jim

        Thanks to the foolishness of the US legal system, a US corporation is now considered “legally” to be an individual. So, as an corporate individual (which my have a components a number of human individuals working for it), it is singular.

        Said a slightly different way, the US has foolishly granted each US corporations the ability to be a narcissistic self-centered arrogant amoral actor regardless of and typically in spite of MOST of the individuals who might comprise it.

        “Apple is an awful company for their exploitation and abuse of the legal system.” is much more accurate than “Apple are an awful company for their exploitation and abuse of the legal system”.

  • Bloody outrage that a decision in a German court can prevent sales in the UK – just what the hell have our politicians been up to?

  • There are issues about patency that will really cause legal disputes and even if it is just as simple as protecting items that demand less investment like [url=]printer ink[/url] it can be expected that manufacturers will make ways to protect their product from being imitated.

  • Duncan Booth

    You missed one very important bit out of this story: according to Samsung, not only were they given no notice of the injunction, there was also no hearing nor any opportunity for Samsung to present any evidence.

    Also the claim is against a design property right, NOT a patent. FWIW, the design that Samsung has allegedly infringed is at and so far as I can tell would appear to apply to any roughly rectangular object. See for more information.

  • Matt Yearian

    I wonder if Samsung can sue and seek damages if it turns out they were wronged.  Would be pretty easy I would think for them to make a case on lost sales due this crap.

  • I think there is actually a little bit of a similiarity but both products are made for a different community.
    apple just should live with it.