What Is The HTC Lavie?

As I was writing the post on HTC CloseConnect this morning, I started poking around the U.S. Patent and Trademarks website.  I happened across a new trademark filing from HTC dated August 4th which sounds like it could be a new Android handset.  The term HTC Lavie was filed at the same time as the EVO Design 4G, a forthcoming Sprint handset.

Since Lavie hasn’t popped up on any other websites it’s difficult to say for sure what we can expect.  It’s entirely possible that we could be looking at a Windows Phone device (boooo!). Either way, I’m curious to see what the Lavie is and when I can get my hands on it.

Anyone have any ideas as to which device this and where it will end up?

Fun fact: La vie (French) translates to The Life.

  • Greg Rickson

    Lets hope it is an android device 🙂