March 31, 2015

Rumor: First Ice Cream Sandwich Devices to Arrive in October

According to information passed to Boy Genius Report, the first devices to run Ice Cream Sandwich should be arriving as soon as October.  Google has reportedly pushed the launch up in an effort to subvert any iPhone 5 defectors.  We’ve been expecting to see ICS announced in the next few months with handsets rumored to arrive in time for the holidays but we’re not gonna complain about getting new Android early.  Hopefully additional details trickle out quickly in the next few weeks and we get specific product info.

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  1. Davest

    Damn…I’m stuck in Upgrade Lock.  When I became eligible in July to upgrade my OG Droid, I was waiting for the Droid 3 to come out at the end of the month.  When it became clear that it wasn’t going to be *close* to cutting edge, I decided to wait for the Bionic to come out in August, then September.  Now, great new things are expected for October. 

    • Davest

      I know I’ll have to pull the trigger eventually, but this is getting a little frustrating. : /

      • Luis Garcia

        I am in the same boat as you! I recently rooted my OG Droid cuz i was tired of waiting! I do still want the Bionic though…..  mainly cuz I want the webtop and the specs are top notch minus the Galaxy S II but whats .2 MHz….  So many choices but the Bionic still seems to be the one…. not quite sure though…   

  2. Anonymous

    What I don’t get is the whole getting people coming off the two year contract thing, maybe thats good for Verizons point of view for a new contract, and yes if people stay with the same phone until the contract ends..              

  3. Anonymous

    When Google rushed Honeycomb to let the Xoom compete with the Ipad2, it didn’t help sales, and it led to platform fragmentation and a closed-source version of Android. So what if some people jump ship to the iphone5 … a good ICS will lead to *many* iphone-class devices for android. 


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