News360 2.0 Learns Your Social Habits, Suggests Relevant News

One of the best news aggregation apps we’ve encountered for Honeycomb tablets, News360, just got even better.  The new 2.0 release slated to arrive in the Android Market not only provides the same great personalized news and RSS feeds, but it now knows you better than ever.  The feature is called Reverse Search and it looks at your web activity and social networking habits to determine what it is you are into.  This includes bookmarks, RSS subscriptions, shared items, and anything else that might define “you”.  From there News360 delivers a completely personalized stream of news.With more than 5,000 sources across a multitude of categories, there’s more than a little something for everyone.

We were expecting to see News360 2.0 in the Android Market by now but neither phone nor tablet version has arrived yet.  However, we recommend at least downloading the older client and then waiting for the update notification.

News Gets Personal with News360 2.0: Discover All The News That Matters On Any Mobile Device and the Web

Popular Newsreader Launches Web Version, Major Upgrades for iPad and Android Tablets; Introduces First “Reverse Search” Engine Based on Analysis of Your Social Cloud

San Francisco, Calif., August 10, 2011 – News360, the popular cross-platform newsreader that looks at the world’s top stories from every angle, today released News360 2.0, which introduces a Web-based version of the app, and upgrades for iPad and Android Honeycomb tablet users. The new release marks a major upgrade that introduces a sophisticated content personalization feature designed to discover the most relevant articles tailored to each user from more than 5,000 sources across the globe. News360 2.0 also introduces features like detailed story chronologies and sharing integrations with Google Plus and Evernote. The free app is available for from the App Store andAndroid Market, and at

News360 2.0 goes beyond broad categories to get to the heart of what matters to each user. With permission, News360 analyzes a user’s activity across social and Web services like Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader to build a unique interest graph and uncover persistent interests and underlying topic areas. “We don’t just look at your ‘Likes’,” says Roman Karachinsky, CEO, News360. “We look at a wide swath of actions: bookmarks, subscriptions, and the items you share to gain an understanding of what you like to read. This process is completely transparent: we’ll show you what your interest graph looks like and let you edit it to refine your experience even further.”

“With this release, we’re tapping into the power of ‘reverse search’ to bring users the news they really want,” Karachinsky adds. “We start by examining dozens of signals within a single article, revealing contextual subtleties far beyond a broad topic area. Knowing the detailed semantic map of an article, we can match it to each user’s individual interest graph to identify the person most likely to find it interesting.”

Simultaneously, News360 uses linguistics and semantic analysis to monitor and understand more than 700,000 entities and 100,000 unique articles daily, looking at the quality of the writing, tone, subject, source, author and much more. Gaining a deep understanding of both user and content allows for seamless matchmaking, creating a “reverse search” effect where quality content finds its ideal user.

The newly released Web-based version of News360 allows users to sync their interest graph across News360 for mobile phones, tablets and the Web. Users can also share parts of the interest graph with their friends, allowing them to integrate the results into their own news experience. Updates for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices are due out later this fall.

“Our mission is to provide a single platform that filters through the noise and helps you stay informed and save time, no matter which device you are on,” says Karachinsky. “But that could mean different things to each user: keeping up on the biggest world events, local news, social updates, commentary, or blog posts about obscure hobbies. There is no other option out there that brings all this content together under one umbrella and packages it into an experience that’s fun and easy to navigate on the web or on the go.”

News360 has been downloaded more 500,000 times and maintains a five-star average rating across 2,100 reviews in the App Store.

About News360
News360 is a popular newsreader for use on smartphones, tablets and the Web that presents a comprehensive look at the most important news of the day around the world, and the most important news of the day as it relates directly to you. The app analyzes more than 100,000 articles from 5,000 sources daily and ranks them according to quality, relevance and freshness. News360 uses the social cloud to build unique interest graphs for each user, helping them discover new content, sources, and interests. News360 is available for all major mobile platforms, including iPhone and iPad, Android Honeycomb tablets and Android smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Windows Phone 7 devices. News360 is privately held. For more information, visit




  • Icebike

    thanks for the heads up. 
    ive deleted this spyware.

  • Tpapics

    This is RIDICULOUS!!! We’re becoming obsessed with ‘relevancy’ in our apps. Is there really no business model anymore other than to study people’s usage habits??? I don’t want a tailored news gathering experience! I want a random one. So that I can actually see what’s going on in the world, not see the things I’ve previously been interested in!! This is so stupid. Defeats the purpose of seeing what’s going on in the world.
    Just proves once again, the best way to get what you want online, is to skip the apps and use a browser to go to the sites you like. Best browser on a phone is what wins in my eyes, regardless of who makes that phone.

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