Sprint Adds Pair of McAfee Mobile Security Apps to Sprint Zone


Sprint and McAfee have teamed up to bring an added level of mobile security to a number of the carrier’s Android smart phones.  Available today, Sprint Android users can head to the Sprint Zone to quickly and easily download a pair of McAfee applications designed to secure and protect their beloved smart phone.  The two apps, McAfee Mobile Security and McAfee Family Protection Android Edition, provide peace of mind from a trusted brand.

McAfee Mobile Security($29.99 per year) comes with a seven-day trial and offers remote wipe/lock, anti-virus, backup and restore, and the ability to remotely locate lost devices. What’s more, the SiteAdvisor feature also blocks phishy and harmful websites as well as displaying a color coding and rating for other mobile websites.

McAfee Family Protection Android Edition ($19.99 per year) is offered in free 30-day trial and gives parents control over their child’s Android phone with content restrictions, web history, and more.

While both apps can be found in the Sprint Zone, they are also available in the Android Market.  Each McAfee title requires Android 2.1 or higher to install.  Hit the links below to download and try both out!