Unlock with Wi-Fi 2.0 Adds User-Requested Features


If there’s one thing that annoys us about lock screens and Android it’s that we can grow tired of the process pretty quickly.  Case in point – playing Wordfeud or any other turn-based game.  It becomes aggravating to constantly unlock the phone over and over just to play a word.  That’s why I am a big fan of Unlock With WiFi. Today sees the developer Ben Hirashima releasing a 2.0 update into the Android Market, with a couple of user-requested features.

Unlock With WiFi lets users bypass the pesky lock screen based on defined Wi-Fi connections.  In other words, once you tell the app which Wi-Fi zones are your home or work connections then you can hop right into the home screen.  In addition to that, users can toggle settings to automatically turn on/off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AutoSync based on the Wi-Fi connection.

A new Device Admin mode maintains the slide-to-unlock screen when passwords are turned turned off and also prevents volume buttons from turning display on.

Unlock With Wifi only runs a one-time $4.00 purchase and works on phones and tablets running Android 2.1 or higher.



  1. I love the idea of this app. I likely won’t use it because it just doesn’t fit my usage scenarios, but I think it is very clever.

  2. Tasker can sort of do the same thing, but this is way, way easier to setup. You practically have to be a programmer to use Tasker.

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